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Takedown Wrestling Media– Radio and Television was and is designed to promote and enhance the sport. We wouldn’t exist if not for like-minded people that place their support in the wrestling community.

More than 18 years ago Takedown Wrestling Radio went on the air with the goal of promoting wrestling, athletes and its diversity. The worlds top coaches and athletes are the guests and stars of the show, always have been. 1460 KXNO eventually became our flagship station in Iowa. We air live 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (CT) each Saturday, 52 weeks per year on air in 52 countries via the iHeart Radio app!

The Takedown Wrestling television program went on air over six years ago presenting timely wrestling news in an entertaining and information packed television program. The show is aired by many of our partners like Mediacom, DirecTV, Dish Network, Cablevision etc up to eight times per week. Time Warner Hudson Valley airs the show an average of five times per week.

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  1. Kamsa Thephavong says:

    I was curious is their any jobs opening for a digital media major with Takedown Wrestling. I just recently graduated form Buena Vista University and looking for a job after this summer. In addition, I was also a former wrestler that had wrestled since age 5 until senior year of college.

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