Russell Nyland Returns to Traverse City

Published On January 16, 2017 | By Scott Casber | High school, Interviews

Rusty returned to Traverse City after enlisting in the US Navy serving our country around the world on board and on land. His 12 year career in the Navy was rewarded as he and his wife met on board and later married.
Two years ago Rusty returned home to Traverse to coach at the High School where he had wrestled. First thing he noticed was the competition mat was 25 years old, offering up little to no protection for his athletes and coaches. He talked with his AD, they set a course of action to raise the needed funds and Rusty started to canvas the sport looking for the best mats at affordable prices. He found McBryde Mats. One thing made a huge difference. This former US Navy Officer wanted to buy a mat made in the USA by Americans. Talk about pride. McBryde Mats fit the bill from top to bottom. His athletes are now safe and protected. 



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