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The January rankings for Women’s freestyle provide a bit of clarity to the Olympic weights, for now. Because they can qualify at one weight and compete at another for Olympic Team Trials, these rankings may not accurately reflect where the athletes will end up in April. Expect those conversations to ramp up in the next three months.

But the goal is first to qualify for Iowa City, and 33 females accomplished that goal at the U.S. Senior Nationals/Trials Qualifier. In addition to the Dave Schultz tournament in Colorado Springs at the end of the month, “A Top 3 place finish in an International Tour in Europe, Asia or South America from each of the 8 World Championship weight categories will earn a spot.”

A * indicates the athlete has already qualified for the Trials in Iowa City. It is likely next month’s rankings will increase to 12 as more qualifiers are added. Last month’s rankings are in parentheses. Men’s freestyle were releasedyesterday, Greco rankings will be released tomorrow.


1. Alyssa Lampe (1), Sunkist Kids*
2. Clarissa Chun (2), Sunkist Kids*
3. Victoria Anthony (3), Titan Mercury*
4. Cody Pfau (4), Titan Mercury*
5. Erin Golston (5), NYAC*
6. Breonnah Neal (10), Titan Mercury*
7. Marina Doi (9), Titan Mercury*
8. Nicole Woody (NR), Terrapin Wrestling Club*
9. Regina Doi (NR), Titan Mercury*
10. Candace Workman (NR), Titan Mercury*

This weight is not yet qualified for the Olympics. Lampe is back from India, where she went 2-3 for the Bengaluru Yodhas. Clarissa Chun won a gold at the Open Cup of Russia and Vicki Anthony had the month off. While there was controversy over Pfau’s victory over Golston in the finals of Nationals, Cody still has three other wins over Erin this year. It is always exciting when those two wrestle, and I for one hope we see it again in Iowa City. The second half of 48kg depends much more on who shows up to wrestle and bracket placement.

Neal is ranked third in the WCWA at 109, with her only college losses to Cody Pfau. She split with Nicole Woody and Marina Doi in 2015, holding the most recent win against each. Regina Doi beat Candace Workman 6-2, reversing a 6-0 loss to her from WTT. Amy Golding did not compete at either the Farrell or Nationals, and Allene Somera did not compete at Nationals after going 0-2 at the Farrell.


1. Helen Maroulis (1), Sunkist Kids*
2. Whitney Conder (2), Army WCAP*
3. Michaela Hutchison (4), Titan Mercury*
4. Sarah Hildebrandt (3), NYAC*
5. Haley Augello (6 at 48), NYAC*
6. Katherine Fulp-Allen (5), NYAC*
7. Carlene Sluberski (6), NYAC*
8. Deanna Betterman (7), Sunkist Kids*
9. Sharon Jacobson (NR), Army WCAP*
10. Jessica Medina (8), Sunkist Kids*

This weight is not yet qualified for the Olympics. This weight is now very cleanly organized, with the only question mark being Carlene Sluberski. She did not compete at either the Farrell or Nationals, but she didn’t have to as she was already qualified for OTT. Maroulis and Conder had the month off. Hutchison cemented herself as the No. 3, avenging a loss to Hildebrandt from last year. Hutchison’s only domestic losses in 2015 were to Conder. Hildebrandt looked solid in her first time down to weight since last year’s Schultz, which I believe was +2kg anyway. The 55kg Pan Am champ beat Media, Fulp-Allen, Jacobson and Betterman, and was beating Hutchison before she got pinned.

The lanky Fulp-Allen injury defaulted out after beating Sam Klingel and Amy Fearnside to guarantee her qualifying for OTT. It’s say to safe the rust Betterman showed at WTT after having a baby has worn off. Deanna placed third at the Farrell and fourth at Nationals, but because of the depth at this weight is down at eighth. Jacobson beat Medina to qualify for OTT and Jessica beat Fearnside 7-1 in the seventh place match to scoop up the last OTT spot.


1. Alli Ragan (1), NYAC*
2. Teshya Alo (3), Titan Mercury*
3. Kelsey Campbell (2), Sunkist Kids*
4. Kayla Miracle (4), Sunkist Kids*
5. Maya Nelson (7), Sunkist Kids*
6. Randi Beltz (8), Titan Mercury*
7. Jenna Burkert Nowry (10), NYAC*
8. Becka Leathers (9), Titan Mercury*
9. Arian Carpio (NR), Sunkist Kids*
10. Lauren Louive (NR), Hawkeye Wrestling Club

This weight is not yet qualified for the Olympics. Ragan, ranked 15th by United World Wrestling, took home bronze from the Open Cup of Russia and holds her top spot. Alo and Campbell swap following Teshya’s 8-1 finals win at Nationals, a pick I never wavered on, three times over. But Campbell beat Maroulis to be our 55kg Olympian in 2012, and I have learned to never count out a prior Olympian, especially in an Olympic year. There are rumors that Amanda Hendey, Jennifer Page and Leigh Jaynes-Provisor could all drop down to 58kg for the Trials, making it hard to decide if this weight or 53kg will be tougher in Iowa City. Miracle sat out Nationals after winning the NAIA Invitational two weeks earlier, but the Campbellsville sophomore already qualified for OTT with her bronze at the Farrell.

Maya Nelson placed third at Nationals, only losing to Alo. The University of the Cumberlands freshman also won the NAIA Invitational, but she was at 130 while her Sunkist Kids teammate Miracle was at 136. She beat Randi Beltz in the third place bout. Nelson and Beltz also made the semis there. The 60kg world team rep from 2014 in Jenna Burkert Nowry beat Becka Leathers twice en route to placing fifth. Junior world teamer Leathers qualified for OTT with her seventh place finish. Trinity Griffin wrestled 63kg at Nationals and did not place.


1. Elena Pirozhkova (1), Titan Mercury*
2. Amanda Hendey (3), Titan Mercury*
3. Jennifer Page (5 at 58), Titan Mercury*
4. Erin Clodgo (2), Sunkist Kids*
5. Jessi Kee (6), King University
6. Mallory Velte (7), Titan Mercury*
7. Alexis Porter (9), NYAC*
8. Leigh Jaynes-Provisor (4), Army WCAP*
9. Hannah Jewell (NR), King University*
10. Rachel McFarland (10), Titan Mercury

This weight is not yet qualified for the Olympics. Pirozhkova had the month off and was the silver medalist at this weight back at the 2014 World Championships in Uzbekistan. Nationals threw some interesting monkey wrenches into this weight class. WTT runner-up Hendey beat Jenn Page in the finals, after Page shut out 2015 world team rep Erin Clodgo 4-0 in the semis. Hendey took one out of three against Clodgo in the finals in June. Page took two bad losses at 58kg at the Farrell and was 60kg for the Open and WTT, losing both times to Leigh Jaynes-Provisor. Also gumming up the works is Jessica Kee’s injury; she had to default out against Hannah Jewell but beat Velte at the Farrell.

Velte placed fourth, with her only losses to Hendey and Clodgo. Porter beat Monica Ramirez and Jaynes-Provisor to get to the fifth place match, where she pinned top-ranked WCWA 136-pounder Hannah Jewell of King. Jewell avenged a loss to Monica Ramirez from the Missouri Valley Open, knocking Ramirez out of the tournament without placing. Jaynes-Provisor lost to Velte in the first round and ended up placing seventh. McFarland lost to Jaynes-Provisor in the seventh place match but beat previous No. 8 Shai Mason.


1. Tamyra Mensah (2), Titan Mercury*
2. Randi Miller (2 at 75), Army WCAP*
3. Julia Salata (3), NYAC*
4. Forrest Molinari (5), Titan Mercury*
5. Rachel Watters (5), OKCU Gator Women’s RTC*
6. Veronica Carlson (1), NYAC*
7. Jessika Rottier (6), University of the Cumberlands
8. Lisa Gonzalez (10), Lindenwood*
9. Michelle Organ (NR), Campbellsville University
10. Brittany David (NR), Lindenwood*

This weight is not yet qualified for the Olympics. Since losing to Randi Miller and Julia Salata to not place at the Dave Schultz a year ago, Tamyra Mensah won University nationals, was the WTT and Bill Farrell runner-up and won the OTT qualifier. She has head-to-head over 2008 bronze medalist Miller in their past two matches. Molinari and Watters continued their back and forth, with both making the semis. The WCWA’s second ranked 143 pounder beat the high school senior on criteria in the fourth place match.

Carlson lost twice to Molinari, but still qualified for OTT with her fifth place finish. Rottier is the top-ranked 155 pounder in the WCWA and won the NAIA invitational last month. Gonzalez placed sixth to qualify for OTT, and had a win over Yvonne Galindo of Oklahoma City University. Galindo beat Hanna Hall at the NAIA invitational; Hall is currently ranked 4th by the WCWA at 155. Organ beat Galindo for third at NAIA, and Galindo lost to Brittany David in the seventh place match at Nationals. Ramos drops after not wrestling at either the Farrell or OTT qualifier and Grote was down at 63kg.


1. Adeline Gray (1), NYAC*
2. Jackie Surber (3), Titan Mercury*
3. Iris Smith (4), New York AC*
4. Victoria Francis (5), Titan Mercury*
5. Niauni Hill (9), Lindenwood*
6. Brandy Lowe (NR), Bearcat Wrestling Club*
7. Katerina Lobsinger (8), Combat Sports Academy*
8. Kendall Reusing (6), Titan Mercury
9. Nahiela Magee (NR), Wayland Baptist University*
10. Destane Garrick (7), NYAC*

This is the only woman’s weight qualified for the Olympics. Gray proved to be worth every bit of the Rs. 37 lakh (approximately 55-56k) spent on her by Revanta Mumbai Garuda as she went 7-0 and captained them to the inaugural title of the Indian Pro Wrestling League. Jackie Surber (nee Cataline) won Nationals over Victoria Francis by an 8-4 score in the finals.

Hill lost to Salata twice to place fourth, but Salata will be at 69kg for OTT. Hill is currently ranked second at 155 in the WCWA. Lowe beat Lobsinger in the championships side and placed fifth, while Lobsinger took an 11-9 battle over her nemesis Reusing. Magee placed 7th to qualify for OTT and she is currently ranked second in the WCWA at 170.

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