90% Mental: The Way of The Wrestling Guru

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What is the book about?

90% Mental is the first wrestling specific mind optimization System that’s designed to take you from where you are now…to where you want to be in the fastest, easiest and surest way possible.
Within the book is a System that builds for you, the ideal Self Image in the most effective and efficient way possible, the inside out.
Ask any Coach whose been in the business a while. The challenge is not getting the athletes to shoot a proper double leg, the REAL challenge and the way to the top is getting them to see themselves as the Champion they can most certainly be. The mental always precedes the physical.
90% Mental is a game changer because it creates and conditions FOR YOU the thoughts, images and mind-set that empower you to move further, faster, no matter what. If you’re human, this system WILL work for you.
The System’s beauty is in the uniquely simple and subtle yet extraordinarily potent and powerful design. Years of research and work blends into your life simply and naturally and once applied, the one and done system supplies instant, dramatic and permanent change for the better.
See Scott, the way 90 % Mental  works is by engaging, harnessing and optimizing the single most  potent and powerful sports tool ever, the subconscious mind.
Never before has there been a tool that will single handedly manufacture that all important mental aspects that go into the making of a champion… such as confidence, dedication and especially belief – the intangibles that all coaches and parents desperately want for their wrestler. It’s quite simply the best way to go.
G’s M.O. (Guru’s Mind Optimization System) combines the worlds top wrestling minds with top sports psychology  AND success gurus such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Les Brown to create a system who’s sole purpose is to empower you to wrestling and improve at your absolute best.
Scott, In one day with very little effort and hardly any expense you can apply and have your self, son/daughter or team on the path to wrestling Nirvana and never have to mess with it again. The system evolve your INNER game, and once you begin to evolve your inner game, your are on the best path.
Anyone who wants to evolve themselves in the most effective and efficient way will benefit from the book. That’s the beauty, there is no guess work. If they have desire to be better, and they follow the G’s M.O. they WILL improve, it’s backed my science and history.
Scott, Almost everyone is working on the technique, strength and conditioning but hardly anyone is doing anything tangible with improving themselves amid the Mental Realm…and the mental is probably the most important part! Because the book doesn’t share a single wrestling technique and only deals with the mental realm, some are calling 90% Mental the future of wrestling …now.
Coaches of any level would great benefit from applying this system to their entire team. For the price of three coffees you can have your entire team on the well lit path to success.
Who Has Endorsed my Book?
1. Chuck Yagla
2. Dave Malacek
3. Alyssa Lampe
4. Mike Krause
They’ve endorsed because they see the true value and unique ability of this System.
5. Jason Tsirtsis used the mind massage two years ago when beta testing and went on to have a spectacular season capped by a NCAA title.
6. NCAA coaches are using all or part of the system, most of which do not care for other coaches to know what they’re doing…they like to keep their best stuff under wraps.
7. Several Youth, State and National Champions have used our book to help them achieve their amazing feats.
How to Purchase the book?
Amazon-Kindle (digital)
Smashwords (digital)
Amazon-paperback (print)
Createspace (print)



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