Seth Gross Looking to Stay at 133 Pounds

Published On April 4, 2017 | By Ross Bartachek | College

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This past weekend NCAA runner-up Seth Gross of South Dakota State joined Takedown Radio to discuss his season and his weight plan. It sounds as tough we won’t be seeing Gross move from the 133-pound weight class anytime soon.

“It hasn’t been too hard this year,” Gross said on the cut to 133 pounds, “Just doing and eating the right things, getting extra workouts in if I need to get the weight down a little bit.”

Gross also mentioned that assistant coach AJ Schoop plays a big role in maintaining his weight, and provided a plan for the sophomore to make the decent from 141 pounds where he competed as a freshman.

“Schoop has been huge with that,” Gross said on getting support to maintain his nutrition plan, “He was on me all last year, because last year I didn’t eat very well and I was up a 141 (pounds). I didn’t eat very well to make weight. Then he was on me all year and during the summer when I was down for the World Team Trials. He helped me then and talked about it and as long as I do it the right way and get a plan I should be able to stay down at 133 all year with no problems.”

A former top recruit out of Apple Valley, Minnesota Gross originally attended the University of Iowa before being kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons. He would later find a home in Brookings, South Dakota with head coach Chris Bono. To Bono, the “second chance” story line is probably at the end of it’s rope and he stressed focusing on who Gross is today.

“I’m kinda almost done talking about Seth’s event because that’s really all it was about all year,” Bono said on giving Gross his second chance, “All that needs to be thrown away. He’s now a national runner-up. He’s served what he needed to serve, did what he needed to do, and he made a mistake. Now he’s just a South Dakota State wrestler, student-athlete, who is is trying to win a national title.”

Gross has never stated any ill will toward Iowa in the media, and while he does wish he could have had a chance to wrestle Iowa senior Cory Clark when Iowa came to South Dakota State for a home dual, it certainly doesn’t sound like the sophomore was looking for blood.

“I was excited to wrestle (Clark) when Iowa came to town here. It would have been nice to wrestle him here in front of the home crowd and get that match. It would have been nice to get that experience of wrestling one time because a lot of the times I do a lot better second time around against a guy.”

Clark ended up missing the dual due to an injury that would stay with him to the end of the season. Had Clark and Gross met in early December during the two teams’ dual who knows if that would have changed the outcome when Gross and Clark met in the NCAA finals last month.

For now Gross has shifted his focus to freestyle where Gross will compete for a U.S. Open title later this month in Las Vegas. Gross has always had an affinity for freestyle, but he did say that folkstyle is starting to catch up in what is his favorite style to compete in.

“Throughout high school I loved freestyle, but I had a lot of fun in folkstyle this season. I like both of them a lot. I’m starting to like folkstyle a little more.”

Listen to the full Seth Gross interview on the latest edition of Takdown Radio by fast-forwarding to the 1:12:45 :




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