The Rivalry Continues – Hawkeyes vs Cowboys Preview + Predictions

Published On January 15, 2017 | By Stephen Stonebraker | College

You have the Hatfields and the McCoys, and then you have the Hawkeyes and the Cowboys. The author of this article wasn’t even born yet when the rivalry began and he’ll be dead long before it comes to an end. Oklahoma State is ranked #1 and Iowa is ranked #3. Tom Brands isn’t happy about that. Last season the Cowboys took on the Hawkeyes in the Grapple on the Gridiron event, which shattered record books, the Cowboys left Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City with a loss. John Smith isn’t happy about that. It seems that these duals always favor the home team, and that’ll certainly come into play in Stillwater today. Rankings have both teams winning five matches apiece, but if there ever has been a time to throw rankings to the wind, it’d be now. 

by Stephen Stonebraker

125 lbs – #1 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) Vs #11 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)
It’s never easy to step onto the bright orange mat and have your way with a Cowboy, but not everyone is Thomas Gilman. Look for major decision points here.

133 lbs – #1 Cory Clark (Iowa) Vs #5 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)
This will be a great challenge for both Clark and Brock. Clark’s toughest competition to date and a statement to silence those who question his #1 ranking. An opportunity to signify himself as a national title contender for Brock. Clark didn’t travel as far south as he did to go back to Iowa City with a loss. Brock doesn’t plan on losing either. This will be a good one.

141 lbs – #18 Topher Carton (Iowa) Vs #1 Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)
Keeping this match at a decision is essential for the Hawkeyes and doable against the workman’s style of Heil. Against ranked opponents, he usually likes to score his points early and then spend the rest of the match preventing his opponent from scoring on him. This match should go as predicted.

149 lbs – #2 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) Vs #3 Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)
A 4-2 and 6-1 victory that Sorensen already owns over Collica gives testimony to the faith that Hawk fans have in Sorensen to add a third win over his Cowboy rival to his record. Some may even go as far as to hope for a major decision. With Sorensen being as defensive and conservative as he is, that’s not likely to happen. Matter of fact, it’ll be a chore to avoid an upset. Earning a win over Sorensen in his final home dual against the Hawkeyes? Tell Alex Trebek you’ll take, “What Collica plans on doing today for $900.”

157 lbs – #2 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) Vs #6 Joe Smith (Oklahoma State)
On a home mat, in the biggest dual of the year and wrestling for dad, it’s hard to pick against Smith in this match even though he’s four spaces behind Kememer in the rankings. Not that any match today will won’t be, but this ought to be a lot of fun.

165 lbs – U.R. Joey Gunther (Iowa) Vs #6 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State)
Overall, keeping Alex Marinelli’s redshirt is a wise decision on the part of Tom Brands on behalf of the Hawkeye wrestling team. A future date has praise for the decision written all over it. However, this match which could be the deciding factor in the dual, will have at least some fans wishing Marinelli was competing instead. The young Gunther will continue to improve as time goes by, but avoiding a major decision against a seasoned Rogers in Stillwater, Oklahoma will be very difficult.

174 lbs – #13 Alex Meyer (Iowa) Vs #5 Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma State)
If any of the ten matches reflect the spirit of the rivalry, it is this one at 174 lbs. Meyer and Crutchmer have met three times thus far in their careers, with Crutchmer winning two matches 11-10 and 3-1 and Meyer with a 4-3 victory. It’s hard to say what will be the match of the evening, but this one is already a strong contender.

184 lbs – #6 Sammy Brooks (Iowa) Vs #5 Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State)
This match will be every bit as good as 174 lbs. Maybe even better.  Brooks and Boyd are split at the moment, one match apiece. Brooks with a 7-1 decision and Boyd with a 9-6.  Both seniors, both who wear the black and gold and orange and black with immense pride respectively. Nothing more than this one being at home, that gives the nod to Boyd.

197 lbs – U.R. Cash Wilcke (Iowa) Vs #4 Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)
There are times when you are simply outmatched and this is one of them. Major decision points for Cowboys in this one.

285 lbs – #6 Sam Stoll (Iowa) Vs #9 Austin Schafer (Oklahoma State)
Another match with more than the dual meet on the line. Both Stoll and Schafer have done some great things already in their collegiate careers, but neither really have a defining moment yet. A win here, would be. Especially if it wins the dual.




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