Hager to Ride Across Iowa for Teen Wrestler

Published On July 25, 2017 | By Scott Casber | Wrestling News

From Tony Hager’s RallyMe Campaign

Why I’m Raising Funds

  • 100% of the funds raised will be donated to Logan Luft’s family. Who is Logan Luft? I personally did not know him but I do know several wrestling members that loved him and supported him. Logan was a 15 year old that loved to fish and wrestle. He won’t be remembered for his sporting accomplishments but for who he was off the mat.
  • Luft was involved in a fatal ATV accident on the fourth of July and was pronounced clinically brain dead. Logan recently had received his school permit and signed up to be an organ donor. Nearly all of his organs were donated as he remained on life support until Friday morning.

How I Got Here

  • Wrestling. The sport of wrestling is a family. Once you have stepped on the mat everyone is now your brother or sister. I have lost loved ones and I have seen others lose loved ones and always ask myself if I could of done more for the families. Why didn’t I send a card? Why didn’t I make a phone call.
  • Now its time for me to help a fellow family member. A wrestling family member and his family. The costs of funeral services continue to rise and as a father of two I could never imagine having to go through this pain with the burden of the costs. If the money doesn’t go to funeral services I can promise you it will go towards something Logan wanted it to. I’ll be handing the money over to family members shortly after the ride.
  • Through my various platforms that the wrestling community has helped me grow I want to be able to use that platform as a way to raise funds for this family.

Join Me and Spread the Word!

  • On behalf of Takedown Media and IAwrestle thanks for taking the time and your donation. If you’re riding on Ragbrai or just across the country anywhere. Please join me by writing LUFT on your left calf and TUFF on your right calf. Tweet your pics to @hagertony with hashtag #LuftTuff.
  • Make donations HERE.



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