Jacobson is back and looking to make her first World Team.

Published On June 4, 2015 | By Tony Hager | Olympic, Wrestling News

By Alexandra Pernice | May 26, 2015, 10:27 a.m. (ET)

2015 U.S. Open photos of Sharon Jacobson by John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com

Sharon Jacobson had not made a finals appearance at the U.S. Open since her last championship win in 2006.

In fact, she had not competed in wrestling at all since her fourth-place finish at the 2012 U.S. Open. Instead, Jacobson had taken a hiatus from the sport to try her hand at something else– Mixed Martial Arts.

“I just felt like I needed to take a break from wrestling,” said Jacobson. “I actually thought I was done after 2012. I still had a competitive drive, though. MMA was just new; it was something different every day. It wasn’t so grinding and so wearing on me all the time.”

Although Jacboson’s focus had been on fighting for so long, she decided it was time to return to the mat for this year’s U.S. Open at 55 kg/121 lbs. With the stress of winning far from her mind, she aimed to work hard and have a bit of fun.

The relaxed, positive attitude that she brought to Vegas paid off, leading her to an exciting 12-9 win against Jacarra Winchester.

“Even though it wasn’t an Olympic weight, I’m still proud of it. I always feel like it’s my last tournament ever, every time that I wrestle nowadays. I’m now on World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) orders for a different job with the Army, so I just went out to the Open to really have fun,” said Jacobson.

In her opinion, the key to success in Vegas was all in her continued MMA training. She believes that fighting has helped hone her as a wrestler, and given her a competitive edge.

“I’ve really made wrestling a bigger part of my MMA training, and because of how I preformed at the Open I think it really showed. I do admit that I have to resist throwing jabs during bouts now! I do think my cross training of MMA and wrestling has really helped, though,” said Jacobson.

Two weeks before the Open, Jacobson made her Invicta FC debut on April 24 in Kansas City, Mo. She dominated her opponent, Delaney Owen, winning the fight by unanimous decision. Her current professional fighting record stands at 3-1.

Jacobson, 31, who competes for the U.S. Army WCAP, is now serving as a massage therapist for her fellow soldiers. A proud representative of her country, she is extremely grateful for the opportunities WCAP affords her both as a soldier and as an athlete.

“I’m really proud to be a soldier. I love that I can represent my county. I haven’t deployed yet, but I plan on doing that sometime during my career. I’m very happy to be a part of WCAP; it really is like a family. We’re all very supportive of one another, and my teammates really help me out. I enjoy training with them and helping them out as a massage therapist. The medical staff and strength and conditioning staff both play huge roles in my success as an athlete and a soldier as well,” said Jacobson.

With a new U.S. Open championship win in her history, she now has something else to focus on – the 2015 World Team Trials in Madison, Wis. in June. Although she came to Vegas with no official intentions, she is certain that she will compete in the Trials next month.

Jacobson is looking to make her first World Team. She placed second at the 2006 and 2007 World Team Trials.

“Sure, I stopped competing for awhile to fight,” said Jacobson. “Things change. But I am definitely going to the World Team Trials in Madison. Why not try to make a World Team? I still plan on fighting and continuing MMA as well. I do feel like part of my success in wrestling is due to my fighting. But why waste an opportunity to make the next World Team if I can?”



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