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Published On February 17, 2016 | By Tony Hager | Olympic, Wrestling News

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Richard Perry (NYAC) finishes 4-1 and takes home the silver medal. Last year, the seventh-ranked 86kg in our domestic rankings won the bronze. Kyle Snyder, Logan Stieber and Aaron Pico, all of Titan Mercury, end up with bronze medals in Belarus.

Medved 2016

86kg bracket Medved 2016

No. 2 Kyle Dake (Titan Mercury)
W 13-2 Sebastian Jezierzanski, Poland

No. 7 Rich Perry (NYAC)
W 2-1 Boris Makoev, Russia
W Turkey
W 12-5 Binichi
W 9-5 Magomedov, Belarus
L 0-6 Nurmagomed Gadzhiev, Azerbaijan

Medved 2016

125kg bracket Medved 2016

Eric Thompson is the only American in this weight, and he draws Dmitri Popov of Kazakhstan. Popov was the World Military runner-up in 2014 and placed fifth at the Asian Championships in 2013.

Eric Thompson
L 8-2 Dmitri Popov, Kazakhstan

Medved 2016

70kg bracket Medved 2016

Aaron Pico is the only American in this non-Olympic weight. He draws Kanat Musabekov of Kazakhstan, who seems to have very limited experience outside of his home country. Should he win that, however, he does have a potential match-up looming with two-time world bronze medalist Ganzorig of Mongolia, who just placed third at Yarygin last month.

No. 7 Aaron Pico (Titan Mercury)
W 14-4 Kanat Musabekov, Kazakhstan

There are two Americans in this bracket, both in the top half but they would not meet until the semis. Kyle Dake draws Sebastian Jezierzanski of Poland. Jezierzanski has no world or continental level credentials, but he did place third last month at the Dan Kolov and also won bronze last year at the Granma Cup and Paris Grand Prix. Richard Perry drew Boris Makoev of Russia, who appears to be making only his second career appearance at the weight, the first being last month at the Yarygin.


Medved 2016

53kg bracket Medved 2016

Jessica Medina is the only American women competing on day two and she drew Natalya Malysheva of Russia, who won bronze at this event last year.

UPDATE 2: Logan Stieber and Kyle Snyder were the only Americans to medal on day one, bringing home bronze medals. Below are the brackets for day two.

UPDATE: There are no Americans left in the  championship bracket, but Kyle Snyder and Logan Stieber are still alive in repechage. Both lost in the quarterfinals to past world champions. Snyder lost 5-2 to six-time world/Olympic champion  Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, getting thrown to his back in the second period (see below). Stieber traded takedowns with 2015 world champ Frank Chamizo of Italy before falling 10-8. Erkin Tadzhimetov was pulled back into repechage when Nodar Arabidze of Russia made the finals.

The day one brackets for Medved 2016 have been released. Here are the brackets for the 13 Americans that competed on day one:

Medved 2016

57kg bracket Medved 2016

Three Americans are competing in the 57kg division in Minsk, two of them appear in our February rankings. Seventh ranked Erkin Tadzhimetov, an assistant coach at Utah Valley, drew Baris Kaya of Turkey in round one. Kaya was fifth last weekend at the Yasar Dogu, and was a 2014 junior world bronze medalist. Fifth ranked Sam Hazewinkel drew Ruslan Gasimov of Azerbaijan in the first round. Gasimov won bronze at Yasar Dogu last year, and was a European junior silver medalist in 2013. Frank Perrelli drew Vadzim Tserakhov of Belarus, someone who has been on Belarusian junior world and European teams.

Results via USA Wrestling:
57 kg – Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Vadzim Terehov (Belarus)
LOSS Zelimkhan Abakarov (Russia), 2-12

57 kg – No. 7 Erkin Tadzhimetov (New York AC)
WIN Barish Kaya (Turkey)
LOSS Nodar Arabidze (Russia)
LOSS Norijon Safarov (Uzbekistan)

57 kg – No. 5 Sam Hazewinkel (Sunkist Kids)
WIN Ruslan Gasimov (Azerbaijan), 11-9
LOSS Zelimkhan Abakarov (Russia), 1-12

Medved 2016

65kg Medved 2016

There are four Americans competing in 65kg this weekend: Kellen Russell, Frank Molinaro, B.J. Futrell and Logan Stieber. Russell draws Magomed Muslimov of Azerbaijan, who beat Brent Metcalf last year en route to the Paris Grand Prix title. Muslimov was second at the Kadyrov Cup in November, won bronze at the U23 Euro championships last year, and was the Azeri world rep in 2014. Molinaro starts off with Meizhan Ashirov of Kazakhstan. Ashirov won a bronze medal at the 2012 junior world championships, but did not win a medal on the senior level until taking home bronze from the Kunaev in November. Ashirov has competed at Medved in each of the past two years, but at the non-Olympic weights of 61kg and 70kg.

For the second consecutive weekend, No. 5 Stieber will wrestle Futrell. Stieber won 6-2 in the quarterfinals of the Ukrainian Tournament. The winner of that match could very well face the 2015 world champion two matches later in the quarterfinals. Frank Chamizo of Italy stands waiting in the wings, which could give Stieber the unique opportunity to beat both the 2014 and 2015 world champs in less than a four month span.

65 kg – No. 5 Logan Stieber (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC), bronze medal
WIN B.J. Futrell (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Mengy Mortuy-ool (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Frank Chamizo (Italy), 8-10
WIN Gamlet Romanov (Russia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Aliaksandr Kontoyeu (Belarus), 8-4

65 kg – No. 8 Kellen Russell (New York AC/Cliff Keen WC)
LOSS Magomed Muslimov (Azerbaijan), 2-12

65 kg – B.J. Futrell (Titan Mercury WC/Cliff Keen WC)
LOSS Logan Stieber (USA), 0-10

65 kg – No. 9 Frank Molinaro (Nittany Lion WC)
LOSS Meirzhan Ashrov (Kazakhstan), 2-12

Medved 2016

74kg Medved 2016

Two Americans are competing in the 74kg bracket for Medved 2016. Chris Perry’s first round will be a re-match of his bronze medal match in Paris last month. Perry won 8-5 over Ghasemi over Iran, who was fifth in the world at Vegas and qualified this weight for the Olympics for Iran. Following his silver medal in Ukraine last week, Adam Hall starts off with Artem Umarov of Russia. Umarov was the junior world champ last year and also competed at the Yarygin in January, but went 0-1.

74 kg – No. 7 Adam Hall (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Artiom Umarov (Russia), pin
LOSS Soner Demirtash (Turkey), 0-6

74 kg – No. 3 Chris Perry (Titan Mercury WC)
WIN Ali Reza Ghasemi (Iran), 4-4
LOSS Arsaran Budazhanov (Russia), 3-6

Medved 2016

97kg bracket Medved 2016


Snyder’s road was every bit as tough as we expected it to be. After winning his first two matches, Snyder lost to Gatsalov 5-2, primarily on the four point move seen in the video above. His 2015 opponent in the world championship finals forfeited to him. Snyder has suffered his first two senior level losses this year, with the first coming in January at the Yarygin to Anzor Boltukaev. Russia’s 97kg spot for the Olympics may come down to the two who have beaten the defending world champ in Synder.

97 kg – No. 1 Kyle Snyder (Titan Mercury WC), bronze medal
WIN Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan), 7-0
WIN Yuri Belonovski (Russia), 5-1
LOSS Khadjimurad Gatsalov (Russia), 2-5
WIN Erik Thiele (Germany), 7-0
WIN Abdusalam Gadisov (Russia), forfeit

97 kg – No. 7 Dustin Kilgore (Sunkist Kids)
WIN Monkhzhargal Belguday (Mongolia), 10-0
LOSS Alibek Shadou (Belarus), 8-15

97 kg – No. 5 Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids)
LOSS Elizbar Odikadze (Georgia), 2-7

97 kg – No. 10 Enock Francois (New York AC)
LOSS Alibek Shadau (Belarus), 4-7




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