Varner captures silver at Ivan Yarygin

Published On January 31, 2016 | By Ross Bartachek | Olympic

USA finished their tournament in Russia with just two medalists – both coming on the final day

Don’t count out Jake Varner just yet. With the Olympic year upon us, all wrestlers are making a big push to get their bodies ready to do what only few are able to do in our sport, make the Olympic wrestling team. For veteran Jake Varner that preparation included traveling back to the Ivan Yarygin tournament for just the second time in his career.

This past year Varner was trumped by youngster Kyle Snyder at the US World Team Trials, who would later go on to become the youngest wrestling World Champion in USA history. Unfortunately neither of America’s 97kg wrestles were able to crack Anzor Boltukaev this weekend, with the Russian downing Kyle Snyder 3-0 in the semifinals and then putting up an 8-2 win over Varner in the gold medal match. Boltukaev was a 2015 World bronze medalist.

Varner look good in his first three matches of the tournament posting wins over all Russian opponents Yuriy Vlasko 7-4, Batradz Gazzaev 11-0, and Adlan Ibragimov 4-2.

After suffering his loss to Boltukaev, Snyder responded with a strong 8-2 win in his bronze medal match, defeating the 2015 Yarygin runner-up.

The United States placed an additional two wrestlers in medal matches on the weekend, with 125kg Bobby Telford finishing fifth in his Yarygin debut, and returning Yarygin silver medalist Andrew Howe also taking fifth at 74kg.

Two-time Yarygin silver medalist Brent Metcalf looked like he had a great shot at winning his third career medal at the tournament opening with a 6-3 win over Russia’s Azamat Pshnatlov. Following that match however, Metcalf was caught in arm trap and was rolled several times to fall to Azamat Kabisov 10-0 in the second round.

Seeing some improvement was lightweight Tony Ramos who was able to win his first match at the Yarygin after going 0-2 in 2015. Ramos used a late four point move to defeat Russia’s Eduard Grigoriev, before falling to Omak Syurun of Russia 4-2.

In addition to Snyder and Telford, two other Americans made their Yarygin debut with Logan Steiber losing what some considered a controversial match 14-12 at 65kg in his first round. The other American was veteran Dan Dennis, who was 2-2 on the weekend, finishing one match shy of the bronze medal bout.

Tony Ramos – 57kg
Qualification: Antoni RAMOS (USA) df. Eduard GRIGORIEV (RUS), 4-3
1/16: Omak SYURUN (RUS) df. Antoni RAMOS (USA), 4-2

Dan Dennis – 57kg
1/16: Daniel DENIS-KINGSTON (USA) df. Solbon TUMENBAYAR (RUS), 8-0
1/8: Rustam AMPAR (RUS) df. Daniel DENIS-KINGSTON (USA) by TF, 15-5
Repechage: Daniel DENIS-KINGSTON (USA) df. Bayarkhuu JAMYAN (MGL) by FALL, 10-1
Repechage: Nariman ISRAPILOV (RUS) df. Daniel DENIS-KINGSTON (USA), 8-6

Brent Metcalf – 65kg
Qualification: Brent METCALF (USA) df. Azamat PSHNATLOV (RUS), 6-3
1/8: Azamat KABISOV (RUS) df. Brent METCALF (USA) by TF, 10-0

Logan Steiber – 65kg
1/8: Murad NUKHKADIEV (RUS) df. Logan STEIBER (USA), 14-12

Andrew Howe – 74kg
Qualification: Andrew HOWE (USA) df. Arsalan BUDAZHAPOV (RUS), 3-2
1/8: Andrew HOWE (USA) df. Isa DAUDOV (RUS), 12-7
Quarterfinal: Andrew HOWE (USA) df. Adam KHASIEV (RUS) by FALL, 6-8
Semifinal: Muslim DADAEV (RUS) df. Andrew HOWE (USA) by TF, 10-0

Jake Varner – 97kg
1/8: Jacob VARNER (USA) df. Yuriy VLASKO (RUS), 7-4
Quarterfinal: Jacob VARNER (USA) df. Batradz GAZZAEV (RUS) by TF, 11-0
Semifinal: Jacob VARNER (USA) df. Adlan IBRAGIMOV (RUS), 4-2
GOLD: Anzor BOLTUKAEV (RUS) df. Jacob VARNER (USA), 8-2

Kyle Snyder – 97kg
1/8: Kyle SNYDER (USA) df. Georgi DZUKAEV (RUS) by TF, 10-0
Quarterfinal: Kyle SNYDER (USA) df. Tornika KVITATIANI (RUS) by Injury Default, 4-0
Anzor BOLTUKAEV (RUS) df. Kyle SNYDER (USA), 3-0
BRONZE: Kyle SNYDER (USA) df. Zaynula KURBANOV (RUS), 8-2

Bobby Telford – 125kg
Qualification: Robert TELFORD (USA) df. Asadula IBRAGIMOV (RUS), 5-4
Quarterfinal: Robert TELFORD (USA) df. Shamil KHAKIEV (RUS), 3-1
Semifinal: Vladislav BAYTSAEV (RUS) df. Robert TELFORD (USA) by FALL, 2-0
BRONZE: Baldan TSYZHIPOV (RUS) df. Robert TELFORD (USA), 5-3



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