Tony Ramos Yarygin 2016 Bracket

Yarygin 2016 Brackets

Published On January 28, 2016 | By Tony Hager | Olympic, Wrestling News

Below you can find the 2016 Yarygin brackets and Paris GP brackets

Kyle Snyder and Jake Varner 97kg Yargin 2016 bracket

97kg Yargin bracket

American fans will be happy to know that Snyder and Varner cannot meet until the finals. As expected, world champions Gadisov and Gatsalov are not competing. Snyder draws relative unknown Dzukaev in round one, and neither of his potential second round opponents have any credentials of note. Snyder’s potential semis opponents include Zaynula Kurbanov, who took a bronze at last year’s Under-23 Euro championships and a junior Euro silver the year before that. Or it could be Anzor Boltukaev, a 2013 world bronze medalist.

Varner draws 2015 junior Euro champ Vlasko in round one. In round two, he could have Shogenov who was fifth at last year’s Yarygin or Gazzaev, who was third in the 2014 Yarygin. Among the potential semis opponents for Varner is Yuri Belonovski, who placed in the Yarygin last year. Belonovski’s first round opponent placed fifth at Russian Nationals last year. Also in there are Rasul Magomedov, who took second at the Brazil Cup in 2014, and Adlan Ibragimov, the Kunaev champ in November and third-placer at Russian Nationals. Ibragimov’s first round foe in Mukhtarov was the other fifth-placer at Russian Nationals last year.

Logan Stieber and Brent Metcalf 65kg Yarygin 2016 bracket

65kg Yarygin bracket

Stieber and Metcalf cannot meet until the finals. As expected, 2014 world champ Soslan Ramonov is not competing. Stieber draws the Korkin champ in round one, and should he win would likely have two-time world bronze medalist Ganzorig of Mongolia. Of note, Ganzorig did not win Mongolian Nationals in December. If Stieber wins both of those, he will probably have 2013 world bronze medalist Kurbanaliev in the semis. Metcalf was the runner-up in last year’s Yarygin, and could have his finals opponent Bekbulatov in the quarters. Neither of Brent’s potential first two matchups have any credentials of note. Wrestling tonight begins at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central/8pm Mountain/7pm Pacific.

Chris Perry 74kg Paris Grand Prix bracket

74kg Paris Grand Prix bracket

Chris Perry does not have an easy road to gold here. Right off the bat he gets Hassan Yazdanicharati, ranked No. 2 in the world at 70kg after taking silver at worlds in Vegas this past September. The 66kg junior world champ in 2014 is up at 74kg for the Olympic year and will be hungry to down an American in his debut at the weight. Should Perry win, he would have a match against one of two unproven Spaniards. But waiting for him in the semis could be any of three very tough opponents.

Taymuraz Friev is a Russian who transferred to Spain and has been competing at 84/86kg since his move. Friez has won the past three Spanish Grand Prix. Friev’s opponent is Alireze Ghasemi, who lost in the quarterfinals in Vegas to Jordan Burroughs and ultimately wound up placing fifth. The winner of that is slotted against the other fifth placer from this year’s worlds in Zelimkhan Khadjiev, another Russian who moved to a Western European country. Should he make it through all those landmines, I imagine he will have twelfth-ranked Ali Shabanau of Belarus, who has given Jordan Burroughs problems in the past.

Bobby Telford 125kg Yarygin bracket

125kg Yarygin bracket

Bobby Telford’s second foray into Russia starts with the unknown Asadula Ibragimov. If he wins, he would have either Khakiev or Goloev, who were third and fifth respectively at the Korkin in October. Alan Khugayev is the most accomplished wrestler in this bracket. He was runner-up at at this weight last year in Krasnoyarsk and won the Yarygin in 2014, the same year he placed second at the European championships. Russian junior world team member Pavel Krivstov is a possible semis opponent, but he did not fare too well at the Farrell in November against other American heavyweights.

Tony Ramos/Dan Dennis 57kg Yargin 2016 Brackets

57kg Yargin Bracket

Tony Ramos drew 2015 Korkin runner-up Grigoriev and if he wins will have Omak Syurun, someone who he beat at last year’s World Cup in LA. Ramos then would have the winner of the bottom 32-35 bunch, none of whom have world level accolades. To make the semis, he would likely need to beat the winner of the round one match between 2014 junior world champ Azamat Tuskaev and Artem Gebekov, who beat pre-tournament favorite Musukaev in the Kadyrov finals in October.

Daniel Dennis has an unknown Russian Naitonals placer in round one, followed by a likely matchup with 2014 Yarygin champ Rustam Ampar in round two. Should he win both of those, he would have Nariman Israpilov in the quarterfinals. Israpilov was a 2013 world bronze medalist and is the only person in this weight to have won a world medal. Ramos and Dennis cannot see each other until the semis.

On the top half, junior world bronze Badrudinov takes on senior level vet Bogomoev in round one. Ranked first in the world for much of last year at 61kg, Bogomoev is making the drop down to 57kg for the Olympic year. Also in the top half is 2014 Yarygin runner-up Vladimir Flegontov, which could make for an interesting quarterfinal with Bogomoev. Golden Grand Prix champ Ismail Musukaev has a tough draw with Donduk-Ool in round one, followed by two-time junior medalist Rashidov in round two. I am predicting a semis match up between Musukaev and Bogomoev, both of whom are legitimate threats to represent Russia this summer in Rio.

Based on Seth Petarra’s pre-tournament power rankings, we could see 1 and 3 (Bogomoev/Musukaev) in the top semi and the winner of a 2/5 match between Ampar and Israpilov taking on No. 4 Gebekov in the bottom semi.

Andrew Howe's Yargin 2016 bracket

74kg Yarygin Bracket

Andrew Howe draws Arsalan Budazhapov round one. Should Howe win, he may face 2015 European junior champ Artem Umarov in the round of 16. 70kg world champ Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov is at the top of the bracket and has a tough opponent in round one. Kakhaber Khubezhty was Russia’s world rep in 2013 and was fifth at Russian Nationals last year. The winner of that match would have either 2015 junior world champ Nabiev or 2014 Russian Nationals runner-up Shikhjamalov in round two. Shikhjamalov upset Denis Tsargush at last year’s nationals. Also in the top half is Zaur Makiev, who took at Russian Nationals in 2014. His first round opponent is Khabib Batyrov, who took third in last year’s Russian Nationals.

Three-time world champ Denis Tsargush is on the bottom half of the bracket, opposite Gazimagomedov, and has a wrestler from Kazakhstan in round one. It is likely Tsargush will have a chance to avenge his loss to Magomed Hizriev in round two. Hizriev beat Tsargush in the Kunaev finals last month, and also has wins over Bekzod Abdurakhmonov and Jabrail Hasanov. The winner of that match is projected to have defending Yarygin champ Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov  in the quarters. A rematch of last year’s finals could only occur in the semis between Akhmed and Howe, but that would require Howe to upset Russian Nationals runner-up Stanislav Khacirov in the quarters.



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